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What we do and why we do it

Atsumi Retreat Healing Center offers “An Invitation to Transformation”. We invite you to have a life changing experience for your Body, Mind and Spirit. We place high emphasis on the benefits of retreat, and encourage you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Atsumi Retreat Healing Center. Should you need and request it, our staff and practitioners are always available by appointment for therapy, treatment and advice.


The Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

The Atsumi Healing Center in Phuket, Thailand is a place to relax, rest and renew your health and vitality. We provide a selection of well-proven, safe and effective Fasting and Detoxing programs, utilizing high quality natural organic herbs and cleansing drinks. During your stay with us you can enjoy many healthy pursuits including yoga, meditation, massages and spa treatments.

“The experience at Atsumi was wonderful and I am feeling so cleansed and refreshed; such a wonderful way to start the year. It was amazing to be in a place where the positive energy was so obvious, and also contagious!”
– Lisa


We offer three different types of fasting and detoxing programs:

  • Full Fast
  • Full Fast with Juice
  • Raw Fast

We recommend a minimum of a four day fast, but encourage a duration of at least ten days for maximum benefit. You may start your fast on any day.
According the Balchs’ book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, considered by many to be a modern-day bible on natural health and healing, different length fasts accomplish different things:

  • 1. three day fast – aids in eliminating toxins and cleanses the blood
  • 2. five day fast – begins “healing and rebuilding the immune system”
  • 3. ten day fast – heads off problems in the making and helps to prevent illness, including degenerative diseases that have become so common in our chemically polluted environments
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Atsumi Healing is a gift that you give yourself – an investment in your own health. Thank you for showing the way.
– Leanora, USA

The Atsumi Retreat Healing Center

Included in your fasting package
Your fasting program includes natural herbal products and supplements designed to remove toxins from the body, provide vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and promote liver, intestinal and bowel function and detoxification. These herbs and products will help prevent you from getting hungry.
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What an amazing week! I have rediscovered the joy that was there all along and relaxed more deeply than I can remember. I fully enjoyed the morning and evening yoga classes in the lovely sala overlooking the lotus pond.
– Kate

Atsumi Spa

Atsumi spa is located on the ground level of our beautiful yellow house accommodation, the spa offers herbal facials, galvanics, manicures/pedicures, body scrubs, bentonite clay wraps, slimming treatments and waxing. We have a fulltime spa therapist dedicated to ensuring that all of your spa treatments are completed with the care and finesse you deserve.


Atsumi Swimming Pools

Atsumi has two swimming pools, one is located close to the reception and Villas and the other is located at our Yellow House accommodation which is located opposite the entrance of Atsumi. Each swimming pool has sun loungers for those of you wishing to top up the tan and sun umbrella’s for those of you who wish to relax in the shade. Swimming or running in the pool is a great way of stimulating the Lymph fluid and will help to speed up the elimination of toxins.


Atsumi Fitness Center

Atsumi fitness center is located next to the yoga sala and is fully equipped with running machines, stair climber, exercise bicycles, multi gym machine and free weights. Personal training and daily fitness sessions are also available upon request.


Atsumi Yoga Sala

We have a large Sala which is set in our tropical lush green gardens overlooking the lotus pond. Morning and evening activities are held here as well as the group meetings and therapist workshops that take place at the center.



Atsumi Steam Sauna

Our steam sauna is open every day except for Sundays between 4:30 and 6:30pm. Sarongs and towels are available in the lockers provided.

Lemon and ginger tea is available outside the steam sauna during operating hours.

WHY CHOOSE US ?Phuket is renowned globally for its climate, beaches, and friendly Thai culture, we have been the pioneers of Fasting & detoxing for more than 12 years in this amazing paradise. Atsumi Healing offers private Retreat Style, Fasting & Detoxing in a tranquil tropical garden setting, with a relaxed and professional service. We have lots of space in our Tropical Garden setting. No traffic noise or nearby discos. No cooking smells, no cigarettes, no perfumes, just peace and tranquility. Our managerial staffs and professional counselors are trained and we are available to advise and support you daily.

To ensure a harmonious, warm and friendly atmosphere, and to provide a more personalized experience, we limit the number of our guests. All of our guests are welcomed into the Atsumi family and we love to stay connected via our Facebook profile, where many of our friends have posted pictures and words of wisdom from their time with us in Phuket.

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