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At Atsumi we  are frequently updating our activity schedule to provide you with the best support for your wellness journey.  You can find more information  on our activities page.


Please note that activities are susceptible to change.

Please check on the blackboards at reception.

People come to Atsumi for many different reasons, be it for mind, body or soul.  Modern life and its stresses have created a need for a retreat and detox    where we can give ourselves the time and attention we neglect to in our everyday lives.  Some may initially be worried that Atsumi will be full of “new age hippies”, wearing white robes and chanting all day long (not that there’s anything wrong with that and everyone is welcome).  But, be reassured that you will find people from all walks of life here.

Curious?  Here’s a brief look at a “Typical” day in the life of a guest.

Firstly, I should stress there’s plenty to keep you occupied during your stay here and everyone is pleasantly surprised that going without food, or living on a raw food diet isn’t as difficult as one might anticipate.

The day starts at 7.15 am.  You can get up when you like, of course, but if you want to participate in the morning activity you need to get to the Yoga Sala before    7.15. am  Every morning there’s a different activity on offer.

After the morning activity there’s a meeting for  some Zingy Ginger Tea, Energizing Wheatgrass Shot, Immortal Kombucha Tea    and a chit-chat. Guests get their schedules for the day, book appointments,  trips or treatments and new guests are welcomed into the group.  It’s a chance to chat, ask any questions you may have to one of the fasting staff or your fellow cleansers.

Fasting and health tips and talks are offered by the fasting specialists  as well as an angel card reading, but if this is not your cup of ginger tea, don’t worry you don’t have to participate.

Then it’s off for  the “highlight” of the day – your morning coffee Colema or massage (more of a highlight than the Colema) depending on your schedule.

At midday the Atsumi's Shuttle Bus   is waiting to take you down to Nai Harn, the nearby beach, to  relax, sunbathe or take a stroll. If you don’t fancy the beach you can relax at the pool, in your room or workout in our Mini-Gym.

In the afternoon you have your  massage, if scheduled for the afternoon. Some guests may have appointments in the spa or with one of our therapists.

We almost    forget to mention that during the day, depending on the program you have chosen you will be drinking a delicious “Cleansing Drink” alternated with some supplements if you are on a Full Cleanse   program and if you’ve gone for the Raw    Cleanse  program you will be having specially and  dedictedly    designed Raw meals.

It’s evening time  before you know it and if you fancy you can go to the Herbal Steam Sauna Room  to sweat out some more Toxins.

If you still have enough energy after that you may want to join the  Evening Activity at 7.00 pm  - 8.00 pm and    again there’s something different every evening.


Then it’s time for bed! (Going the bed before 10.00 pm will HELP your LIVER to better Detoxify)