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Are you at a crossroads & looking for a new direction?

Do you have a hunch that your life could be better than it is?

Do you want to stay younger, live longer, & be happier?

Would you like to live life to your fullest potential?

Would you like enhanced performance levels in your work?

Are you confused & lost?

Do you want to feel complete again after a broken relationship?

Would you like physical healing from an accident, or other body symptoms?

If you answered yes to any of these, then Fasting & Detoxing with Atsumi Healing is for you.

The main reason people come to The Atsumi Retreat Healing Center in Thailand is to “Fast & Cleanse” their system of physical & emotional toxins that accumulate from modern stressful lifestyles. We strongly recommend a minimum of 4 days for any of our fasting programs. Guests have come to Atsumi for fasts of 4 to 35 days. Most of our guests stay at least 10 days.


The process is very simple, most guests do not experience any hunger, & report an amazing sense of wellbeing. Naturally you will lose weight, usually one kilo per day for men, & half a kilo per day for women. For those with little time or who want to “dip their toes in the water,” we also have four day programs.

While fasting & detoxing you are provided with all necessary herbs, cleansers, & naturally, a lot of water. The process is very simple & during this time you are instructed & supervised by experienced detox   staff.  It’s important to approach your Full Fasting experience with us in an informed & dedicated manner. When we receive your enquiry we will send you pre-fasting instructions in order to prepare your body correctly for Fasting, & to maximize the results you achieve at Atsumi.

Please read some of the amazing testimonials from people just like yourself, who have Fasted & Detoxed at Atsumi.

  • Improved digestion – anyone with food intolerance, yeast overgrowth, leaky GUT

  • Improved bowel function – IBS/IBD, Crohn’s, UC, chronic constipation

  • Reduced aches & pains – fibromyalgia, RA, MS, auto-immune conditions

  • Smoother, clearer skin – helps with psoriasis, acne, rosacea

  • More energy  – reduced afternoon energy slump

  • Improved sex drive – helps support balanced hormone production

  • Better sleep, waking up  well rested & refreshed – helps reduces insomnia

  • Increased concentration & clearer thinking – improves neurotransmitter production & cell signalling

  • Easier weight loss – helps clear toxins stored in fat deposits

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Our full/juice fasting program is for healthy individuals. You cannot follow a full/juice fast program if you are in the high risk category (please refer to our full/juice fast contraindications). 


Full fasting or Juice Fasting is for those who wish to reduce inflammation and the related diseases including, potentially, heart disease and cancer – but is not directly for weight loss though this generally happens as a side-effect. The negative of the full fast is it can negatively affect thyroid hormones and raise cortisol (stress hormone) which then affect sex hormones so a person can rebound later. We would not recommend full/juice fast for those suffering health issues like adrenal fatigue (burnout syndrome), hypothyroidism, menstrual problems, blood sugar imbalances and of course any of the health issues outlined in our contraindications list. We strongly advise females under the age of 40, even if healthy, NOT to full fast for more than 10 days


The raw diet was developed for fat loss as a low calorie liver cleansing diet. We can generally only lose 1-2 kilo of fat per week which this diet does in most cases but may not reduce the water like the full fast so that is why the scales fall faster on full fast due to water. The diet also allows training which is critical to weight loss.

What else can I do to Cleanse and Detoxify my Body and Mind?


One of the foundations of healthy living and a body that functions well is ensuring our daily intake of water. We all need at least 2 litres of water every day, not counting tea or coffee. Water will help to prevent dehydration, headaches, tension, swelling or bloating and improve the overall quality of the skin. During your detox program we encourage you to drink as much water as possible, at least 4 litres to assist and speed up the removal of toxins. Purified water is provided in your rooms and available at water dispensers around the grounds.


Fibre, in the form of vegetables and grains, for example, is invaluable in cleansing the body. Too much protein and fat clogs the arteries, slows down the system and makes us feel sluggish after eating. The less food is cooked, the better it is for your body and immune system and raw foods are excellent system cleansers. Optimal foods include: leafy greens, carrots, baby sweetcorn, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, and onions. Try experimenting with raw foods, get creative!The Raw Café by Atsumi officially opened in February 2013 and was the brain child of Atsumi Detox center owner Anna Wasin. The Raw café serves lovingly prepared Raw vegan and Raw vegetarian food as well as an amazing selection of juices and smoothies. Raw Café by Atsumi aims to create thrilling gourmet meals with rich flavors, and an abundance of nutrients that are so often missing in a modern diet. We make everything by hand from local, seasonal, and mainly organic ingredients. This means that by eating at The Raw Café you not only doing good for your body, but for your soul and the planet.


You can pulp or liquidise almost any fruit or vegetable into a delicious drink that can be very filling and excellent for cleansing the system. The vitamins and minerals contained in fruit and uncooked vegetables together with their high liquid content, make them ideal for cleansing and re-hydrating the body.


Dry brushing should always begin at the feet and move up the body, stroking towards the heart. It is an excellent way of stimulating and increasing circulation to help keep cellulite away. Dry brushing also stimulates muscle contraction improving blood and lymph flow, clears the pores, removes dead skin and stimulates sebum, which in turn helps to improve the texture and tone of the skin. After just a few days of following this regimen, the skin will appear smoother, softer and boast a natural radiant glow.


The skin is the largest organ and an excellent way for the body to release toxins. Exfoliating in firm circles, both large and small, all over the body opens and cleans the pores, energises and revitalises the skin and makes elimination unobstructed. We recommend that you exfoliate the skin gently every three days, you may choose to bring your own exfoliating cream with you, choose to create a natural blend using honey, salt and coconut oil or visit the Atsumi spa for a full body scrub.


Magnesium is an essential requirement for nearly all our cellular activity, taking a bath in Epsom Salts will draw toxins from the body speeding up the elimination process while soothing aching joints and muscles. It is an extremely relaxing, calming and warming experience which can be arranged upon request at the spa.


Steam Inhalation is an excellent remedy for any respiratory problems, particularly chest congestion, bronchitis, and sinusitis. It promotes sweating which is a natural method of purification that enables the body to eliminate salt, drugs and a variety of toxins. The Atsumi Herbal steam boasts a soothing aroma of eucalyptus and lemon grass and runs 6 days on a row.


Massage is particularly effective in easing tensions and knotted tissue, increasing the circulation of the Blood, and stimulating the Lymphatic system, one of the most important routes for ridding the body of toxins. Atsumi’s highly trained massage therapists will guide you into a state of relaxation, therapies include: Traditional Thai massage, Aroma Oil Massage, Reflexology, Head and Shoulders or Thaiatsu. A one hour daily massage is included in every program, see our  spa menu  for further details.


This is a great way to enhance the detox programme. Atsumi offers morning classes which are light and suitable for all levels of ability. We also have a small but well equipped gym (open daily) For those of you with extra energy, who like a challenge, Muay Thai training commences daily at 4:00pm at the local gym and we have a ‘Something a Seven’ activity every evening to give you the opportunity to try new things.  For more details see ‘Something at Seven’ Schedule.


Using essential oils is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of natural therapy. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin at molecular level, passing through the hair follicles and diffusing into the bloodstream and cellular fluids. Oils usually take between 20 minutes and several hours to be absorbed depending on how much body fat you hold. Oils can be used to relax or rejuvenate, to ease pains or relieve stress, to aid sleep, to help nausea and to calm the whole body and mind. For Aromatherapy lovers, try our Atsumi herbal compress massage.


Every function in the human body thrives on the presence of oxygen, fresh air and good breathing. Many of us continue to under-use the full capacity of our lungs and short-change our bodies of all the benefits that correct breathing can bring. may want to try the oxygen machine which can aid in boosting energy, defeating fatigue, metabolise fats, eradicate viruses, parasites and fungus and oxygenate all of the internal organs resulting in healthy skin, nails and hair and bodily functions. See our therapies page for further details.


Here at Atsumi we believe that laughter is an excellent form of therapy and all of our staff have a warm and caring nature and great sense of humour. Laughter has long been associated with happiness and emotional release, but now researchers are suggesting that watching a side-splitting film or comedy show can also do wonders for your health. Laughter Therapy can be used to relieve stress, fear and anger, boost blood flow and the immune system, release emotional toxins and even burn calories. Comedy films and programmes are provided on DVD in guest rooms and movie nights can be arranged upon request.


Every function in the human body thrives on the presence of oxygen, fresh air and good breathing. Many of us continue to under-use the full capacity of our lungs and short-change our bodies of all the benefits that correct breathing can After detoxing your body it is time to bring a bright new positive focus on your surroundings, both at home and at work. Our surroundings are of inestimable power and value to us. A happy and warm atmosphere will make you feel safe and secure and promote relaxation. Look very critically at your environment, start by going through your home room by room sorting out clutter & then move onto your wardrobe and cupboards. Bin anything that is junk and give the rest to charity. Next, clean the windows and make sure your home is filled with plants, pictures and lots of fresh air. Check personal care products such as shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, hairspray, laundry detergent, surface cleaners and cosmetics for harmful toxic ingredients such as Formaldehyde, Triclosan, Bleach, Chlorine, Ammonia, and Petroleum and replace them with natural products. bring. may want to try the oxygen machine which can aid in boosting energy, defeating fatigue, metabolise fats, eradicate viruses, parasites and fungus and oxygenate all of the internal organs resulting in healthy skin, nails and hair and bodily functions. See our therapies page for further details.


Sorting out problems, resolving dilemmas, getting to the bottom of what causes you stress and de-junking your life all help you to think clearly and have renewed energy. Your time at Atsumi can be used to deal with on-going stresses instead of ignoring them, examine your core beliefs and try to make positive changes that will impact your lifestyle. For those of you hoping to relax and clear the mind we have some classes on Meditation included in the program and further private tuition can be arranged upon request.

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