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August 15, 2017

July 14, 2017

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Benefits of Kombucha

August 15, 2017

Do you know Kombucha, the ancient Chinese Tea known as “Immortal Health Elixir?” It is claimed to be in existence for over 2,000 years now. Kombucha has a strong anecdotal past of health aids such as averting and killing cancer, ache, and other deteriorating illnesses. Kombucha is made from sweet tea fermented by a synergetic cluster of bacteria and yeast. Thanks to its increasing commercial status over the last decade, the big Russian and German study is now accessible in English to Westerners. With only a few number of research done on the tea, there has been quite a lot of study done on the several nutrients, like antioxidants and B-vitamins, contained in great amounts in Kombucha. Irrespective of the not too many scientific indication, the fact still stands that Kombucha has 2,000 plus years of traditional custom associated with its name. If you are still in need of more convincing facts about Kombucha tea, you can check up more details here as we have more than enough resources on Kombucha.  Below are the health benefits of kombucha tea:


Assists in Digestion and Gut Health

Since the tea naturally was fermented with an active collection of bacteria and yeast, it is probiotic in nature. It has numerous benefits which includes enhanced digestion, intellectual clarity, and attitude constancy. As such, Kombucha is also known for removing the signs of fibromyalgia, unhappiness, nervousness, etc.



A major use of kombucha’s lies in its capability to detoxify the body. Detoxification assist in cancer deterrence and encourages healthy livers. Kombucha is rich in several enzymes and bacterial with acidic contents needed by the body to detox. This in turn lessen the load on the pancreas and also ease the weight on your liver. This tea contains high level of Glucaric acid, and latest studies show that it aids in stopping cancer. Having issues with cancer or you want to avoid heavy chemicals within the system? You can achieve this with the use of 100% organic Kombucha tea which also aid in the removal of chemical. Kombucha is central to the detoxification process and with regularly drinking you can even achieve more. 


It aids in boosting immune

The tea is extremely rich in anti-oxidant, and we all can attest to the numerous benefits of anti-oxidants which basically boosting our energy points and immune structure.


Joint Care

Kombucha comprises of glucosamines, used many a times as treatment for all types of arthritis and also as a strong protective. The Glucosamines present in Kombucha raises the synovial hyaluronic acid making in the body. Physiologically, the acid plays a major role in assisting the protection of the cartilage and avert arthritic pain. The hyaluronic acid also allows connecting tissue bind moistness a thousand times its weigh. Other added advantages include: it preserves tissue structure, flexibility, lubrication, moisture, and reduces free radical damage, while related collagen slows down wrinkles.



Kombucha tea has many health benefits and you can always learn more about kombucha here. Kombucha has served and still serving many age grades over the years, you can always be assured of it quality every time. 


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