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August 15, 2017

July 14, 2017

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How Emotions Are More Toxic Than You Think

September 14, 2017


Emotions can ruin your health when you let them spread like wildfire. One negative, difficult individual can bring down your whole emotion while one optimistic, friendly team member can lift your emotions as well. This Emotional contagion does not just happen physically, it can also be from the computer-generated/isolated world which can affect our health in various ways. Emotional contagion comprise of both subtle and non-subtle physiological measures. It starts with our tendencies, starting at the early stages, to mimic body languages, facial expressions, nonverbal actions, talking patterns and verbal tones amongst others. We all have this one part of us that ruin our emotions. Below are some of them:



Applying Compassion

The finest teams, or just relations in overall make use of the elementary rule that picking out bad moods deprived of fear of retribution. If you cannot identify your weak points and things that bring your emotions down regularly, then your health is indirectly affected. Just as we may have anxiety identifying our own mood conditions and the impression they have on others, it is the same for our health and the folks with whom we stay with.  


One Bad Apple 

Emotions powerfully affects our memory, acuity of events, thought progressions, and ultimately our health. The mood you portray daily goes a long way in deciding your health status. The emotions pain or joy, could decide what we take as food or what routine to follow during exercise. This emotional imbalance can affect your health in a number of ways too.


Our Opinions

In everyday life, we can all observe how our moods greatly influence our devotion/focus, efficiency, policymaking, problem-solving, performance, social interactions, and our whole health. In general, when you have more negative thoughts, you produce more negative effects. When you have more positive thoughts, you yield more positive effects. Simply taking note of other individuals positive or negative adventures can create a positive or negative emotional adventure for any observer. 


Smiles Are Contagious 

This involves keeping your emotional contagion on an optimistic pathway which keep others on a reliable effort. We can observe some folks smile and stay positive even when going through some difficult health challenges. They simply have a positive outlook to life!! You cannot efficaciously cover your emotions for the reason that it seeps into your tone, facial expression, posture, etc.


Virtual Toxicity 

We may at certain point on social networks, have seen a friend regularly posting about how unhappy life is or debates political happenings with aggression. With time, that friend response generates negativity in you. But friends with better positivity post lovely funny or pleasant stories.



It is a fact of life that we all influence each other positively and negatively on a daily basis which directly or indirectly has an impact on our health. Only a few will become an instant success handling their own and others’ emotional contagion while others might require a longer time. The key is to lessen the impact, identify the bad mood, and apologize for any inconvenience it has caused. You also have to acknowledge the fact that sometimes we all need a time-out from ourselves, and from others.


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