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August 15, 2017

July 14, 2017

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How to Detox Your Bathroom

February 15, 2018


Are you planning your next home detox? Then you should always include your bathroom. One logical part of our home that we also need to concentrate our energy is where we usually go and come out clean – the bathroom! There are several ways your bathroom can be causative to the toxins you come across daily. The bathroom often requires more cleaning than other rooms in our homes, as we are all aware of how toxic cleaning materials can be. Also, we all have an array of choice personal care brands stored in the bathroom so too are the numerous prospects of improving the hygiene of your bathroom through detoxification. Listed below are ways you can detox your bath efficiently:


Change your Toilet Paper

The standard Toilet Paper roll has gone through bleaching and chemical treatment to ensure it stays fluffy and soft. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are typically applied to make them, and they are toxic to the body. You can change your Toilet Paper to products labeled “chlorine free” or “unbleached” as they are much more better compared to others. 


Choice of Air Fresheners

Aerosol sprays might assist in detoxing your bathroom by briefly removing any stinks, but spray cans contain BHT and other toxins like acetaldehyde, and phthalates. These are toxins you do not want anywhere close, and you mainly should not be “breath – in” them! You can dispose of the spray cans and choose essential oils, a more natural odor control. They are great essential oil brands available for the bathroom if you have not tried one before!


Switch Products

Taking time to review all your bathroom cleaning products can be helpful. These products include your creams, cosmetics, deodorants, feminine effects, shampoos, and soaps. Replace any product containing toxins with new supplies that are natural, and safe for your household.


Use a Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste, like several other home products, usually comprise of certain chemicals you typically would not put in your mouth. And then there is fluoride, which even at low use can be toxic. Switching to a more natural toothpaste can be very helpful in detoxifying your bathroom.


Water Filtration

If you do not own a water filter for your home, you should consider adding a filter to your shower to eliminate any harmful chemicals contained in your water. As a beauty plus, a water filter also removes chlorine and minerals that cause drying to hair and skin.


Once you have applied the above-listed ways, you can be sure to be on the right path to completely detoxify your bathroom. Remember to continue watching what brands bring your bathroom closer to your goals and research more unique ways to even go further in your detox journey. You could also elect to go for an organic cotton shower curtain or consider renovating your bathroom to eliminate old, possibly moldy cabinets and toxic drywall. 


Whether you choose to begin small or big, any positive step towards detoxifying your bathroom is a great one. I guaranty you will feel better about your bathroom and much better about your body because you have taken the right path!!

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